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Accelerating Your Financial Institution Toward Digital Banking Excellence

A proven turn-key solution that equips your financial institution with the toolbox needed to launch a fully secure and compliant digital bank or credit union.

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PeopleProcessTechnologyBuildOperateTransferTURN-KEYSOLUTIONThe people, processes, and technology to effectively launch a digital bankCall CenterBPOMarketingMulti-cloudAPI & MicroservicesLow-code Platform

Digital Transformation Process

Discussions about Nymbus solutions are specific to each client, taking into account their existing infrastructure and unique needs and objectives.

Communication PlanningOptimization& Post-LaunchDevelopmentLAUNCHStep 1Step 2Step 3Kick OffWebsiteBrandingEngagement ToolsDigital BankingCoreDigital Management ServicesEnvironment ConfigurationFTP ProtocolProd EnvironmentUAT EnvironmentTrainingeStatementsConsumer CenterBill PayACHEnvironment BuildingDisclosures DevelopmentBusiness ProcessingFeature Onboard
Communication PlanningKick OffOptimization & Post-Launch DevelopmentLAUNCHEnvironment BuildingBusiness ProcessingStep 1Step 2Step 3FTP ProtocolProd EnvironmentUAT EnvironmentTrainingConsumer Center
“Only Nymbus provided us a comprehensive strategy to quickly introduce a new digital-only effort. Backed by and running in parallel to our established institution with 135 years of experience in creating satisfied customers, ZYNLO delivers the ideal combination of digital banking convenience and security that today’s consumers depend on.”

Brian Canina, Chief Financial Officer, PeoplesBank


Upgrade Your Real-time Operations

Get to market faster, and at a lower cost with Operations. Nymbus provides the dedicated resources and operational excellence needed to stand up and run a digital bank.

  • Technical & operations resources
  • Experienced banking specialists
  • Eliminate hiring costs, scale faster

Customer satisfaction compared to the industry standard of 75.7%

Nymbus Operatons – Upgrade Your real-time operations with real people

Customer Satisfaction Compared to the Industry Standard of 75.7%.

Nymbus Platform – Powered by the Cloud, Engineered for Your Success


Powered by the Cloud, Engineered for Your Success

The Nymbus ecosystem consists of an array of Nymbus solutions, built on ultra-modern technologies engineered for financial institutions seeking highly adaptable solutions.

  • Award-winning platform
  • Pre-built integrations
  • Completely configurable through multiple microservices and frameworks

Solution Overview

Nymbus Ecosystem

Diagram of the Nymbus Platform


Core to Your Growth

Modern, flexible, fast.

Whether it’s creating a new digital bank or modernizing a legacy infrastructure, Nymbus Core is your fast track to reaching new growth and new opportunities.

  • Stand up a new digital bank quickly
  • Advanced security and compliance
  • End-to-end banking system solution
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The Nymbus core product

Get Creative With Your Core

Quickly and cost-effectively stand up Nymbus’ leading-edge Core

Nymbus CoreOffer cutting-edge products and services Leverage data & insights to delight customersUse Core to stand up a niche digital bank & reach new customer segmentsSeamlessly integrate with other fintechs & brandsFully supported open banking for BaaS operabilityAggregate capabilities across the banking ecosystemRun Core parallel to your existing core and tech stackGather valuable data and insightsModular BaaS solution for new revenue streams Fully migrate to a state of the art platformFlexible cloud-based solution for expandabilityOperate in a fully compliant ecosystemCustomer Experience (CX)CollaborationGrowthInnovation
Nymbus Onboard – Make Your First Impression Count
Onboarding – Zynlo Bank


Make Your First Impression Count

Nymbus Onboard offers a truly modern digital onboarding experience that expedites the new account opening process across any device or channel.

  • Fully integrated with CRM & marketing
  • Optimizes CAC & conversion
  • Drive new account & revenue growth

Onboard Solution

Onboard Customers Fast

Nymbus’ proprietary onboarding solution allows you to digitally onboard new customers fast, with an intuitive, ready-to-launch service attached to your financial institution’s website.


Your prospective customer inputs essential information quickly.

BSA/AML responses for enhanced risk mitigation.


Your new customer uploads key documents to a custom portal.


We’ll take care of verification for you.


We ensure all information meets your KYC and OFAC standards.


You review all verified information before accepting or denying application.

Nymbus Lend – Modern and Flexible Loan Origination
Screenshots of Nymbus lending applications


Modern & Flexible Loan Origination

A secure, low-code digital lending platform, with built in underwriting tools, document management, lead management, automated KYC checks, and easy loan product setup.

  • Modern user interface with customizable workflows to meet your unique needs
  • Flexible data platform to support multiple loan types and automate processes
  • Collaborate with borrowers and colleagues in real time
  • Configurable applications and secure applicant portal
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Lending Ecosystem

Pre-Packaged Loan Operations

Diagram of the Nymbus Lending Ecosystem
Nymbus Labs – Create, Build and Grow
Nymbus Labs


Create, Build and Grow With Nymbus Labs

New routes to market for new customer segments all in one place.

  • Integrate everything needed to build and operate a full-scale digital bank
  • Reach new revenue streams
  • Fully customizable products and services
  • Backed by data-driven business cases
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