The world’s most advanced revenue and technology solution for financial institutions.

NYMBUS SmartLaunch is a full-service, standalone digital bank solution that enables institutions to generate sustainable new growth under their existing charter.

NYMBUS SmartLaunch enables financial institutions to stand up a turnkey digital bank under their existing charter in as few as 90 days. Built on NYMBUS’ modern SmartCore® platform, this new model eliminates the need to undergo a conversion or hire additional staff. NYMBUS provides all of the operational and technical resources required, including 24/7 support and targeted digital marketing and website services, so that financial institutions can quickly generate sustainable new deposits and revenue.


NYMBUS SmartLaunch is a low-risk digital bank solution that can be up and running in record time to affordably accelerate business growth. Key products and resources provided include:

  • Fully outsourced operations
  • Debit card issue and management
  • AML/BSA compliance
  • Workflow management for complete process audit and control
  • Complete digital marketing support
  • 24/7/365 support