Modernize Your Loan Origination

Need to close more loans and faster? NYMBUS SmartLoans redefines the loan origination experience for financial institutions and their customers. It’s the first truly complete customer journey for loan origination, instantly scalable to any volume, and with the breadth and depth to handle all loan types within a single risk-free digital solution.

Speed the Lending Process

Most financial institutions are not equipped with the modern digital lending tools and services required to rapidly support today's tech-savvy banking customers. That’s why banks of all sizes rely on NYMBUS SmartLoans. Our cloud-based loan origination solution is uniquely designed to process commercial and consumer loans at the speed and with the mobile-friendly experience that today's consumers expect.

All of our applicants have been small (less than 10 employees) businesses and sole-proprietors, the kind of businesses the large banks have no interest in helping. We are proud of the fact that through our partnership with NYMBUS and the SmartLenders Program, we can service the businesses the CARES Act is intended to help.

- Roanoke Valley Community Credit Union

Servicing Your PPP Loan
and Forgiveness