Migrate to the Most Modern Live Core

Looking for a technology foundation to enable the transition from a legacy, physical-first banking model to a modern, digital-first banking experience? NYMBUS SmartCore® is the answer. Our cloud-based core platform unifies all the required banking functions – from deposits and lending to payments and reporting -- into one system, while providing advanced options for security and compliance.

NYMBUS SmartCore is a modern platform built to meet the banking experience demands of today's digital-first customer.

As the foundation of the NYMBUS SmartEcosystem, our SmartCore allows for rapid transformation of financial institutions by lowering costs as well as increasing revenue.

Unlike other approaches to a new core banking platform, SmartCore is live and proven as an end to end replacement of legacy banking systems. In addition to an abundance of features and workflows out of the box, SmartCore is naturally a 100% API and microservices development platform as well, delivering unlimited flexibility.

Don’t get trapped in a big bang core conversion. Eliminate the pain and risk with NYMBUS SmartMigration. Our banking specialists help you move at the right pace by strategically selecting groups of users to migrate to our comprehensive, cloud-native platform.