Future-proof your adaptability

  • On-demand solutions to digitize and scale your current institution
  • 200+ Platform Go-lives To-date
  • 500+ Back Office Tasks

Zero Risk Customer Acquisition and Migration

Rapidly go to market with innovative new offerings. Launch a fully running independent bank in 90 days with zero upfront cost. Quickly build new solutions on our award-winning cloud-based platform. All while meeting the highest levels of security and compliance with the latest industry standards. And, better yet, no multi-year projects, restrictive contracts or big cash outlays are required.

  • Your choice of bundled technology
  • Full vendor management
  • No money up front
  • No professional services fees
  • Outsource expert services for immediate transformation

A revolutionary alternative to the legacy business model, NYMBUS empowers financial institutions of all sizes to get to market instantly and better engage and support the entire digital customer journey.

We have incredibly savvy customers who have become accustomed to and now demand an ‘Amazon-like' user experience. The NYMBUS open API and fully customizable software platform allows us to create banking solutions that are simple, efficient and easily accessible through any device. In a very short amount of time, we were able to jettison antiquated systems from legacy vendors and provide a unique and modern user experience for our business and consumer banking clients.

Ryan James, CEO, Surety Bank


Launch a digital bank in 90 days

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Engage customers on their entire journey

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Make account opening frictionless

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Modernize your loan origination

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Upgrade your real-time operations

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Faster Access to Advanced Digital Payments

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