The digital banking experience is increasingly focused on innovative payment solutions.

Today’s tech-savvy consumers expect to be able to move money from any account they own to anywhere else in the world — other internal accounts, their external accounts, friends and family, and merchants — all with touch-and-go ease.

NYMBUS SmartPayments is an integrated real-time payments suite for debit and ATM transaction processing and fraud protection.

NYMBUS SmartPayments offers a digital-first approach to payments processing through a bundled pricing model.

SmartPayments manages the flow of authorizations and transactions between our clients and their networks of choice. The cardholder transaction data is available in near real-time through SmartCore, enabling a better customer experience. SmartPayments offers partnerships for procuring card plastic, deploying instant issue hardware, and managing ATM fleets.

The SmartPayments real-time fraud protection service couples modern technology with a proven industry team of analysts. All transactions are scored by a neural network and then vetted against the financial institution card base rules. This combination offers balance between institution risk and cardholder experience.