Customer engagement has shifted from physical branches to digital channels and payments.

Financial institutions that want to grow market share and meet customer demand understand the need to offer a customer-centric digital banking experience.

NYMBUS SmartDigital is a core-agnostic digital integration platform that extends a modern banking experience directly to your customers through online and mobile channels.

NYMBUS SmartDigital enables digital-first engagement by offering a modern user experience directly to the digital channels. Retail and small business customers’ expectations are to be able to manage their finances at any time, on any device. NYMBUS SmartDigital offers an intuitive user experience for account management and self-service, enabling your financial institution to truly offer a holistic experience.

NYMBUS SmartDigital offers a robust list of features and supports digital product integration via API. This, coupled with a user experience that can be themed and customized for your financial institution’s needs, empowers innovation and differentiation from the competition.