The financial services market is being redefined by the shift of customer expectations.

Banking relationships are moving from branch to digital channels. However, financial institutions are having a hard time meeting customer demand due to their dependency on legacy technology solutions that were built to serve a brick and mortar banking model.

NYMBUS SmartCore is a digital-first technology platform that enables financial institutions to offer a customer-centric banking experience.

NYMBUS SmartCore is a modern platform built to meet the banking experience demands of today’s digital-first customer.  The customer-centric platform unifies all the required banking functions into one system, enabling an omnichannel customer experience with automation and simplification of back-end processes and workflows.

NYMBUS SmartCore is delivered via an intuitive user interface, offers open architecture and APIs for easy integration throughout any banking channel, and provides the highest levels of security and compliance with the latest industry standards.

NYMBUS SmartCore is the technology foundation needed to move from a legacy, physical-first banking model to a modern, digital-first banking experience.