NYMBUS response to COVID-19 Pandemic

NYMBUS is closely monitoring the latest developments related to coronavirus (COVID-19).  We continue to take all necessary steps to minimize the impact of the virus on our employees, their respective families, our clients and our day-to-day operations. Thus far, our actions have ensured that access to our staff and services have not been impacted.

NYMBUS maintains a robust business continuity and emergency preparedness plan that addresses the potential impact of threats to our staff, clients and ongoing operations. As the current situation continues to impact people and countries around the world, the plan provides 24/7/365 call center and business process management support and all other standard operating functions from remote locations via our advanced remote workforce solution. And our cloud-native technology and secure operational platforms are routinely tested to ensure optimal effectiveness.

Our clients are further assured that with NYMBUS, each is dedicated to a private cloud that operates in tier 4 data centers designed to host mission-critical servers and computer systems for the highest guaranteed uptime. Regardless of the current crisis, NYMBUS clients and their customers stand reassured that their financial resources are always within reach.

We are also taking a proactive approach to travel and self-quarantining restrictions to help ensure the safety of all employees and clients. All NYMBUS business travel has been suspended until further notice, and we have encouraged staff and extended family, customers, and supporting vendors to closely follow travel and other advisories, preventive guidance, and preventive exposure and contamination protocols provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, via their website:


The safety and health of our customers and employees is of the utmost importance, and we will continue to diligently monitor the coronavirus situation.  Please check our website for future updates, but rest assured we will contact you if we have any important updates to share.

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Wishing you and yours the best,
The NYMBUS team