Innovative, Technology-Focused Institution Will Leverage NYMBUS’ Next-Generation Banking Software Suite

MIAMI – April 1, 2019 – NYMBUS®, the world’s most advanced revenue and technology solutions company, today announced that MOXY bank has selected NYMBUS as the technology foundation for Washington, D.C.’s newest bank in 20 years and the DC, Maryland and Virginia region’s first financial institution in over a decade. NYMBUS’ digital-first product suite was selected by MOXY to rapidly meet, respond to and scale its business to handle and exceed today’s evolving financial consumer demands.

Recently approved by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and District of Columbia’s Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking, MOXY is focused on creating financial equality throughout the communities it serves, regardless of economic or social status. It will implement NYMBUS’ full suite of modern core, Internet banking, mobile banking and payment solutions in order to provide the most advanced, state-of-the-art products and services to its subscribers.

“MOXY’s progressive and innovative approach to banking will provide greater digital convenience, advocacy and personalized financial services to its users,” said Casey G. Mauldin, President and CEO of MOXY bank. “Finding a long-term partner with the right technology, culture and vision was one of our most important decisions. We ultimately turned to NYMBUS for its open API architecture and fully customizable software solutions, enabling us to effortlessly adapt and integrate the latest digital products and services that will offer a rich and unique experience to our customers.”

MOXY’s low-cost subscription model and anywhere availability will remove the barriers the unbanked and underbanked communities have faced from traditional financial institutions. By establishing meaningful relationships with its customers that are built on trust and integrity, the Bank will be able to separate itself from the competition. Similar to video or music services, MOXY will provide its subscribers with a complete suite of financial services including digital OnDemand and savings accounts, small business accounts, lending services, financial wellness and literacy, online account opening, mobile deposit, bill pay, person-to-person payments, ATM access, text alerts and video banking services.

“We are so proud to be supporting MOXY as they strive to improve the financial health and vitality of their community, empowering those that have been overlooked and underserved by offering the financial tools and resources they need to succeed,” said David Mitchell, President of NYMBUS. “We commend their commitment to creating financial equality and are thrilled to provide them with the technology that will help bring their vision to life.”

MOXY has selected NYMBUS SmartCore®, a cloud-based core platform, to provide a single, quality digital experience for its subscribers. The Bank will also implement NYMBUS SmartDigital™ for Internet and mobile banking and NYMBUS SmartPayments™ for debit card processing and fraud protection. The digital-first product suite allows MOXY to unify all the required banking functions into one solution, enabling a multi-channel customer experience, while automating and simplifying back-end processes and workflows for its employees.


NYMBUS provides the world’s most advanced revenue and technology solutions for today’s financial institutions. From SmartCore, SmartDigital and SmartPayments, our flagship digital technology platforms, to SmartLaunch™, our full-service and standalone digital brand alternative, NYMBUS enables financial institutions to digitally transform their businesses. For more information visit NYMBUS.COM.

About MOXY bank

MOXY will be the first of its kind to MObile eXperience Your bank. Through its value proposition and digital platform, a subscription model will be implemented to provide an enhanced level of financial products and services. MOXY will strive to move the relationship with its community beyond transactional, by cultivating trust and loyalty, offering a stronger customer experience, and better customer convenience and support. With MOXY’s experienced team, it will carefully balance local accountability and decision making with sensitive, high-touch and high-tech banking deliverables; separating the Bank from the competition.

MOXY will seek to provide all its subscribers the same advantages and opportunities for financial success. Its advocacy approach levels the playing field and achieves greater equality for the communities served regardless of economic or social status. MOXY’s low-cost subscription model and anywhere availability will remove the barriers these communities have faced from traditional financial institutions and move them into the mainstream. MOXY recognizes that understanding, empathy, and trust are the key pillars of the foundation for strong relationships with the communities it serves whether banked, unbanked, under-banked or simply unsatisfied.

For additional information about MOXY bank, visit and follow @MOXYbank.

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