Nymbus CUSO C-Suite Interviews

Episode 1:

Todd Marksberry

Canvas Credit Union grew its assets 100 percent in 2020 and increased membership by 52 percent in five years. John talks to CEO Todd Marksberry about his approach to growth now.

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Episode 1

Todd Marksberry, CEO,
Canvas Credit Union

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Episode 2

Corey LeBlanc, Co-founder & COO/CTO, Locality Bank

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Episode 3

Jeffery Kendall, CEO,

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Episode 4

Irvine Roundtable

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Episode 5

Jack Antonini, CEO, NACUSO & Brian Lauer, Legal Counsel NACUSO

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Episode 6

April Clobes, CEO,

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Episode 7

The Honorable Rodney E. Hood, eleventh Chairman of the National Credit Union Administration

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Episode 8

Guy Messick, CEO, MBS Partners & Mitchell Amsler, CEO, CU Capital Management