Nymbus Announces the Formation of Nymbus CUSO With a Landmark $20M Investment by VyStar Credit Union

This Marks the Industry’s Largest-ever Fintech Funding Round Made on Behalf of a Credit Union


To break through barriers to growth by connecting credit unions with trusted fintech offerings that enable opportunities for generating new revenue streams while deepening connections and value to members.

Why it matters:

These partnerships forge the framework needed for credit unions to streamline innovation and deliver a seamless member experience.

Read the Nymbus CUSO announcement
Read the VyStar funding announcement
“For those willing to traverse new paths and innovative new approaches, Nymbus CUSO moves past traditional vendor thinking to create supportive structures for credit unions ready to grow and reach new niche markets.”

Jeffery Kendall, Chairman and CEO of Nymbus


Nymbus Case Study: Inspire FCU

Case Study

Inspire Federal Credit Union

With a focused and aggressive approach to relationship-based banking, Inspire recognized the need to compete against the larger regional credit unions and banks who were increasingly innovating with more modern, digital financial services.

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Executive Narrative

John Janclaes

For more than 30 years, John Janclaes has successfully led strategic growth initiatives for financial services organizations, dedicating much of his career to the credit union movement. He is a highly regarded industry innovator, advocate and connector.

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A Compliance Officer’s Tidy Tips for Growth in a Messy Regulatory Environment

Compliance doesn’t have to be a roadblock to innovation. With three practices, credit unions can make thorny regulatory challenges less painful along the path to growth.

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4 Lessons Baseball’s Billy Beane Can Teach Credit Unions About Growth

April 1 is Major League Baseball’s opening day. It’s a time for fresh starts and unchecked optimism. And while my hometown team happens to be the 2020 World Champions, growing up a Los...

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Growth in the New Digital Age Requires a Familiar Approach for Credit Unions

A new age in digital banking has emerged. For some credit unions, that might sound like just another wave of technology investment, more competition from digital challengers, and the threat of falling further behind...

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Credit Unions Can Reach New Growth by Finding Their Niche

Credit unions are frequently bombarded with messages about the importance of digital investment and transformation. Fintechs and challenger banks with brand-new, bespoke technology ecosystems are capturing a...

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